Legal disclaimer Sustainable Alpha Multi Asset Fund

Green Alpha does not constitute an offer or an invitation to subscribe to or to purchase the fund, stocks or other financial instruments. This non comprehensive advertising material does not represent any or replace an investment advice. The sole base for the purchase of the sustainable alpha fund is the underlying prospectus, the key investor document, the regulatory information as well as the semi-annual and annual reports provided by the Management Company and custodian Semper Constantia Privatbank free of charge. The past performance related to the portfolio test does not represent future results expectations. The numbers do not express possible future earnings which could go down as well as up. In principal there is no warranty that the investment strategy’s objectives will be achieved. Moreover there is the possibility that investors may not get back any of the amount invested. Detailed information about opportunities and risks are published in the sales prospectus. A change in currency rates could also lead to the value of the investment to go up or down. We strongly advice potential future consulting their investors financial advisors to value risks, the investment strategy as well as taxation impact to judge the funds strategy according to their personal circumstances. All content related to this document was collected by the Green Alpha GmbH. External sources are specifically marked. We do not warrant for the correctness, completeness or accuracy. While the material is based upon reliable information we neither give any guarantee nor accept liability. All liability of the Management Company regarding to the information provided on the website is excluded. Issued fund shares may only be offered for purchase or sold in the jurisdiction in which such offer or sale is permitted. The shares in this fund are not allowed to be offered for purchase or sold either in the US or on behalf of US citizens.